Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Excerpt "April's Kiss in the Moonlight" plus contest!

Fun new blog hop idea! Every weekend authors are going to be posting 12 lines of their work then posting a link back to Weekend Dirty Dozen so you can visit other authors. Here are my 12 lines from my new release, "April's Kiss in the Moonlight" plus blurb and this is the link back to check out the works of other authors: Weekend Dirty Dozen. Please "like" the Facebook page when you arrive there and help this cool idea to grow!

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12 Sentences from "April's Kiss in the Moonlight"
  Gavin was taping the molding in the spare room before he painted when his focus was interrupted by the squeaky hinge on the guest bedroom door. He spotted April coming out of the room. His eagle eye noticed she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. His gaze swept over her form offering frank male appreciation as she approached the back door. She looked up at him as she passed and he smiled at her. A small smile played at her lips before she turned away and continued on her path.

    Gavin walked to the door, his eyes followed her outside; she was flanked by a dog on either side. He watched the sway of her hips and the bounce of her hair when she descended the half dozen steps to the backyard. The dogs took off, running. April tried to run but pain stopped her and she stood still; feeling his gaze, she turned to look at him. Gavin’s eyes met hers, his breath stopping for a moment before he went back to work. April’s fingers raked her hair as she turned away from the house.
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A little bit about the book
Fresh from graduate school, April McKenna, beautiful and brilliant vows to strike out on a new path rather than return to San Francisco to take a job with her father’s firm. She meets Rusty and sets off for an escapade that ends in tragedy. Injured and alone she is taken in by Sunny Davis, a friend of her mother’s who lives in a small town in the Catskill Mountains in New York.
During her recovery, April resolves to carve out an exotic life of travel and adventure. But she didn’t count on a sexy fireman upsetting her plans. Gavin Dailey has dated practically every woman in the county, but when he meets April, he knows he’s finally found the one he wants.  Only a stubborn man like Gavin wouldn’t let April’s resistance to his charm and his small town change his plans. Determined to win her, he pulls out all the stops until he encounters one stumbling block he didn’t count on. Only a near-tragedy resurrected from the past gives April the tenacity she needs to make the right decision for her life in April’s Kiss in the Moonlight

This is a sweet contemporary romance.


  1. already read your books- and I love them! April's Kiss is a feel good gotta read type of romance!!

  2. I have read the first in this series and it was GREAT-

    very sensual writing as always Jean ♥

    Dawne P

  3. looks/sounds like a very good read, thanks for the contest

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  4. this sounds really good i would love to give your books a try


  5. I always love to read books from different author and i like to read this!
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  6. Looks like a great book! Thanks for the blog hop idea and for the contest!

  7. Nice selection! Thanks so much for sharing with us this week :)

  8. Nice snippet! Sounds very engagement ring? Mmmmmm.....

  9. I like the torturing interaction between the two characters. I hope something happens to satisfy their desires.

  10. like the way he's noticing every little detail about her, and the way she moves x