Monday, June 7, 2021



Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week we have another snippet from "Too Late for Goodbye." The word prompt, "paste" is pasted into the story. A little pun there. Scroll down to return to the wonderful stories on Tuesday Tales. Thanks for stopping by. 


Flint spoke up. “What if you had more money? It’ll cost about a buck fifty to print one copy. If you

 had like seventy-five thousand, you could print up fifty thousand copies. It might be enough to give 

you a read. Then maybe you could borrow the rest from the bank for the second edition?”

“Seventy-five thousand is less likely to happen for me right now than a trip to Mars,” Jen said, picking up her glass and pasting a smile on her face.

“Maybe it’s closer than you think.” Cassie sat up.

“What do you mean?”

Flint turned to face Jen and Marty. Cassie rose from the chair. “Flint and I want to lend you fifty thousand.”

“What?” Jen shot up out of her chair. “No way.”

“Yes, way. We can afford it. And if you sold all fifty thousand copies, at three bucks a piece, you’d have a hundred and fifty grand – enough to pay us back and print up more of the second issue.”

“This is crazy. I can’t borrow that much from you. What if I sell three copies – and that’s assuming you and Flint each buy one. I have no guarantees for sales and no way to pay you back until I sell the townhouse.”

“I could go on social media and probably get some news coverage to promote the newspaper. Who doesn’t want to read good news, for a change, right?” I bet all the papers get gobbled up and people will ask when the next issue is coming out. I don’t mean to brag, but I do have some clout and can get the attention of the media.”

“This is crazy,” Jen muttered, but her heartbeat doubled. Could this insane idea work?


  1. Love the hopeful optimism here. Well done.

  2. Great snippet! Have I mentioned how much I love the name Flint??

  3. Ohhhh! How exciting! I hope she takes them up on their offer.

  4. What an amazing offer! I am so glad that they have such great faith in her. Great job!