Monday, September 13, 2021

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt - Sunset


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week we have another episode from "Sarah's Dilemma." Since it's picture prompt week, we are restricted to only 300 words, but can dip slightly over. I have gone to 309. But that's within the rules. I hope you enjoy this snippet and the other stories, which you will find HERE. Thanks for stopping by.


She smoothed her skirt over her belly and left her hand there. “I think I’m pregnant.”

The joy on his face melted away, replaced by a frown.

“Why do you make such a face?”

“This is not good news,” he said.

“Yes, it is. We will have our own baby.”

“You might die giving birth.”

“I’ve given birth three times. This will be no different.”

Sweat beaded on his forehead.

She took his hand and placed it on her belly.

“What if I lose you and the baby?” he asked, cupping her cheek.

His hand felt warm and dry. “What if you don’t? What if everything is all right?”

“It would be a miracle.”  

“You’re such a good father. You deserve one of your own.”

He stared at her belly. “I remember feeling the movement when Emily was with child.”

“I’m sorry you lost your wife and child.”   

He blinked rapidly. “Lizzy treats me like her father. That’s enough.” He tightened his arms around her.

“We are going to have a child. I hope you’ll be happy about it.” She hugged him.  

“If what you say is true, I will be the happiest man in Fitch’s Eddy.”

The sun slipped below the horizon, shooting a reddish glow across the sky. Caleb eased down onto the rocker and pulled Abigail into his lap. He closed his arms around her and rested his chin on her head. She cuddled into his shoulder.

Though she had comforted her husband, she knew his fears could come true. Although she’d had three regular deliveries and three healthy children, this time could be different. Daniel Rhodes had assured her she’d most likely have a delivery like the others. Then he added, But it’s in the hands of God now. Whatever will be will be, Mrs. Tanner.

Remembering his words sent a chill down her spine.


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  1. Beautiful scene showing the love between them and the potential danger such a happy occasion could presage. Well done.

  2. Beautiful moments between them and fraught with all the enormous possibilities of life and death. Well done.

  3. Sometimes I long for life to be as it was years and years ago. Then, scenes like this remind me of how many hazards filled life back then that we never really think about in today's current times.
    A great and powerful scene between these two! I loved it!